Don’t forget to have these wedding photos taken – Part 3

You can flip through many different wedding albums, and, while they do a great job at capturing the overall wedding, it seems that all too many Brides forget to add those personal photos that show the character that their wedding reflected. Unfortunately, without capturing all of the photos, you will miss out on seeing certain details, elements and atmospheres of your wedding day.

Every wedding photo collection should showcase the uniqueness and true spirit of the love that the couple shares. These wedding shots will give your photo collection the personal persona of you and your partner, as well as reveal the personality that your relationship displays.

Throughout the past couple of weeks, we have discussed some important, must-have wedding photos, to complete your photo collection. This week, Carl Nelson Photography has a few more shots that should not go unnoticed, so be sure to continue reading so that you do not miss out on any photos within your album:


  • Groom’s accessories. We all know that the Bride has gorgeous accessories that complete her wedding ensemble, however, all too often, we forget about those personal accessories that the Groom uses to complete his look. These shots may seem “artsy” to many people, but it is a great way to show those dashing accessories that your Groom will be wearing when promising himself to you forever. From those dazzling cuff links and stylish handkerchiefs, to his shiny shoes and that bow tie that just really pulls his whole look together, every detail is important! And photographing them is a great way to remember all of those charming accessories.


  • Bridesmaids’ bouquets. Your Bridesmaids will accompany you at the altar while they show you their support and encouragement on one of the biggest days of your life. They have most likely been there for huge moments and milestones within your life, and stood by your side every step of the way working up to your big day. Capturing a photo of all of your Bridesmaid’s bouquets will remind you of how much fun you had on your big day with them, and add to the many moments that you have shared as friends, making way for new memories that you can create together.


  • Groom’s boutonniere. It is true that the Bride will get a larger collection of flowers to accompany her down the aisle and at the altar compared to the Groom, but do not forget that the Groom has his own little flower adornment as well, his boutonniere! Photography is a great way to artistically display how the Groom’s boutonniere is a cute match to the Bride’s bouquet, so capturing his lovely flower will certainly create some gorgeous photos.

As you plan your wedding photos, focus on the important details, and let your relationship’s personality and uniqueness shine through each and every image. Here at Carl Nelson Photography, we will be present during each aspect of your wedding, to ensure that no special moments go missed, so be sure to contact us today to plan that photos for your Georgia wedding.

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