Don’t forget to have these wedding photos taken – Part 2

Your wedding day is such an important milestone in your life, as it marks the day that you joined your life with another person. So, it is only natural that you will want to document this special day in your life, so that you can look back on it and relive all of those moments of love and happiness. Hiring a photographer is one of the best ways to capture these memories in the making, as a keepsake for the many years to come.

While photos of the big day overall are always welcome, there are a few important shots that serve as great adornments to your wedding album. You put so much work into your wedding, and there are a few details that deserve extra special recognition! Here at Carl Nelson Photography, our goal is to capture each and every special moment of your wedding day, which is why we have gathered some of the top shots that you will not want to miss, so be sure to continue reading for some ideas:


The shoes. Not only do they complete your breath taking outfit, but they also carry you down the aisle. Your shoes are a very important piece of your ensemble, that you worked so hard to find, as they fit everything from your dress to your dazzling accessories, but, will you remember exactly what they look like, years from now, without having to pull them out of the closet and take a closer look? Capturing your shoes within photos will give you an overall image of how you fit so perfectly into them. For even more great memories, have your spouse jump in, capturing both of your shoes together. You are not single anymore, so your shoes should not have to be either.


The bridal bouquet. There is a lot of planning and consideration that goes into the designing of a wedding bouquet, as you can combine so many beautiful flowers, for the creation of a gorgeous bouquet to accompany you as you walk down the aisle. While your bouquet plays a special part in your wedding, it should also play an important part in your wedding photo collection too. You are going to toss that beautiful work of art to one lucky single lady at your wedding, and it is likely that you will not ever see it again, so capture its beautiful details on film while you have the chance.
carl-nelson-photography-09-05-16-4Your rings. Your partner got on one knee and presented you with a ring that he worked so hard to find, and not just any ring was good enough for the love of his life, he found the perfect one for your perfect finger. These rings symbolize your love together, and you will wear them for the rest of your life, so having your photographer shoot some romantic photos of your rings on your wedding day allows you to look back on them, in their new and perfect state.

For a truly complete wedding photo collection, pay special attention to the small details that you may not remember years from now. Here at Carl Nelson Photography, we want to offer you a photo experience that reflects the love and happiness that you and your partner share, so be sure to contact us today to plan the capturing of your Georgia big day.

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