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Create engagement photos that represent your personalities

You have said “Yes!” and are now on your way to “I Do”, so you should certainly showcase this important time in your life through gorgeous engagement photos. If you are thinking that your engagement photos have to be just another image of you and your fiancé smiling for the camera, think again!

Of course it is still a great idea to take some formal engagement photos, but it is even better if you can allow them to truly represent who you are as a couple. The hobbies you do together as well as the interests you share can all be brought about through your photos, so don’t be afraid to let your true colors show, your personality is more than welcome!

Add a sense of uniqueness to your photos and allow them to be anything but boring. Here at Carl Nelson Photography, we strive to provide photo sessions for our couples that allow them to be themselves, and we have gathered some top ways that you can personalize your engagement photos to the love that you share, so be sure to continue reading for some inspiration:

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Be playful. No one said that engagement photos had to all be formal, so be as playful as you want within yours. Dress in mismatched attire, tell some jokes to capture the laughter and emotions you share and enjoy your time together. If you want to bring balloons or even your pets along, go right ahead! This is your journey to your new life together and it should be highlighted in any way that you would like.

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Love, love, love. Nothing is more special than the love you and your fiancé share, the unbreakable bond that is showcased through your emotions. Let your natural intimacy shine through within your photos; hug, kiss and enjoy your love for one another. Create a sense of warmth and compassion throughout your poses, allowing your romance to be the center of attention.

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Incorporate your hobbies. Every couple has hobbies or interests that they enjoy doing together, whether it is a love of music or a passion for sports, don’t be afraid to incorporate these elements into your engagement photos. If you and your fiancé are big football fans, for example, think about taking some photos at a stadium, or even some of you both tossing the ball back and forth, this will allow for some creativity and personalization within your album.

When planning your wedding or engagement photos, allow yourself to have a creative and unique approach so that your album shines. Here at Carl Nelson Photography, we provide such dedication to each and every client as well as each and every photo, making sure that the outcome exceeds all of your expectations. Don’t hesitate to contact us today as we can’t wait to create beautiful photos for your Georgia wedding, engagement or event.

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