Choose a photography style that will allow your wedding photos to shine – Part 2

After working so hard to make the vision of your wedding day a reality, you will surely want your photos to reflect all of the effort that you have put forth. The option to look back on your wedding photos, throughout your happily ever after, and have them shine as brightly as the moments did on your big day, is a true gift. The photography style you choose will allow you to view your images and be brought back in time to one of the best days of your life once again.

Not only is preserving your wedding memories important, but so is choosing the style that will allow them to be artistically brought to life. Last week we discussed three of the top photography styles that would allow your wedding photos to shine, and this week Carl Nelson Photography has gathered three more top photography styles for you to view, as they may be a better fit for your wedding, so be sure to continue reading for some more insight:


  • Artsy. When taking a more whimsical approach, and combining it with the photographer’s individual talent, the artistic style can truly come about, creating photos that are attractive and unique to you and your spouse. Your ability to have fun and enjoy being in the moment together can produce the most joyful and full of life images, allowing for a refreshing change from the uniform and traditional sense of wedding photography.


  • Candid film. Choosing a film style of photography allows your images to have a soft and organic look to them. The use of film gives the photographer a better dynamic range, color and the capability to play with the lighting, shadows and highlights, creating an elegantly customized look. A truly talented photographer can produce unforgettable photographs using film that will continue to shine brightly throughout the years, providing such an ornate look to your wedding album.


  • Natural lifestyles. Within lifestyle photos, the photographer captures the spontaneity of your wedding, the real life events and milestones, while also possessing the ability to set the scene and stylize when necessary. This true style reflects your love story by creating a photo journal of your wedding day, allowing your natural way of living to be the prominent feature.

You have put forth so much time and effort into your wedding, from the dress, menu, flowers and more, so you should certainly highlight each and every element gorgeously within your photos. Here at Carl Nelson Photography, we can create a style that represents both you as the couple, and your big day. Don’t hesitate to contact us today as we can’t wait to begin capturing each and every moment of your lovely Georgia wedding.


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